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Where production starts

Caffè Moreno has always selected the best green coffee beans of Arabica and Robusta species, traveling around the world between the highlands of Brazil and Central America and between the coasts of Africa. Tradition teaches that the art of mixing is a fundamental step in obtaining a good coffee. Precisely for this reason our roasters, with dedication, passion and commitment, mix multiple varieties of beans, already roasted or still raw, allowing us to result in a product with the right body, aroma and taste, creating blends where tradition and innovation each time meet.



What sets Caffè Moreno apart is the roasting. Typical of southern coffee roasters, like ours, a dark roasting is the secret to obtaining a strong and full-bodied espresso, eliminating the acidity and enhancing the aromatic flavor of the coffee. After the coffee beans have cooled, they are destined for different production lines: coffee beans for bars, ground coffee for domestic use, coffee for the vending channel and single-portion pods and capsules. During packaging, all our selection, mixing and roasting work is enhanced thanks to the conservation systems used. With the addition of nitrogen in the tins and the valve in the bags, our blends retain their extraordinary quality and maintain over time all the characteristics that make Moreno a true Neapolitan espresso. The overall daily production capacity about 70 tons of roasted coffee, which can be used for different lines of production (25 tons of coffee beans in a 3 kg tin, 57 tons of coffee beans in 1 kg bag, 18 tons of ground coffee vacuum packed, and 720.000 single-serve pods or caps).